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Let's start this Itinerary:

1st Day: ATHENS 2nd Day: Athens- Milos 3rd - 5th Day: Milos (4 nights) 6th Day: Milos- Paros 6th - 9th Day: Paros (3 nights) and day trip to Antiparos 9th Day: Paros - Santorini 9th - 11th Day: Santorini (2 nights) Our trip started in Athens, we flew from Lisbon to Athens on a direct flight from Aegean Airlines that takes approximately 3h20min. We booked every ferry with ferry scanner and each one of them costed around 50€. It's better to book in advance because there's huge lines to buy the tickets at the port. You may take as many bags as you want and it's pretty simple to catch the ferry. They're also pretty great, looks like a plane, big chairs, bathroom, cafe and very comfortable to travel on and usually the prices are better than plane tickets. The food is very cheap and you can have an amazing 20€ meal for 2!

1stDay: We got to Athens at 6am, and went to take a little rest at our hotel, SELINA. From the airport to the hotel we booked a Selina transfer that costed 50€.. Around 12pm we got out of the room to explore the city! We had lunch at Yiasemi which was the best greek salad of the entire trip, we went to the Flea Market, I got some pretty nice sandals (eheh) and then Acropolis, of course. We got the tickets at 4:30pm and at 5pm the doors opened!

It was very hot so there weren't that many people at that time, the ticket is 20€ but for EU citizens under 25yo it's free :)

We had a drink at A for Athens which has an amazing view and then we had dinner around!

2ndDay: MILOS -google maps link

Our ferry to Milos was at 7am and so we got another transfer from Selina heading to the port.

The ferry from Athens to Milos was around 3h

In Milos we stayed at Hotel White Pebble Suites, an amazing hotel, private pool in almost every room, great breakfast in the room, beach right in front of the hotel just a few steps away and a great pool at the restaurant are which has great food.

This hotel is located in Apollonia, one of the cutest areas in Milos.

We had lunch at O! Hamos!, without a doubt one of the best we went to during the whole trip!

O! Hamos!

Sunset at Plaka Castel and dinner around the area! So worth it :) We had dinner at Avli Milos but Archountula is also amazing and the shrimp pasta is to die for!

3rd Day:

Boat trip with Sailing Milos.

This day was definitely my favorite in Greece. We took this boat trip that lasted the entire day, they gave us breakfast, lunch, snacks and ICE CREAM!!

The trip was around Milos island and we stopped in 3 amazing spots to swim: Kletfitko, Polyaigos e Gerakas.

The staff was amazing and everyone loved the day!

4th day:

We went around the island with our rented car from Nikko's car rental, that costed 220€ for 4 days.


Sarakiniko beach us a mandatory spot as well as Fyropotamos, restaurant Medusa (call 1h before you go and give the name), Papagfragkas, Klima and end the day watching the sunset at Astakas (book in advance!) so worth it!


5th Day:

Spent sunbathing at Hotel White Pebble Suites, a lot of dives at the beach and then we had dinner at Apollonia, at Rifaki restaurant and we loved it!


6th Day: PAROS - google maps link


8am ferry from Milos to Paros approximately 2h30.

We rented a car with Cyclades for 180€ for 3 days.

We stayed at Efi Studios, best host ever, super sweet, clean room and VERY CHEAP (it didn't seem real), located in Drios.

Drios is not the best area of Paros because it's a little far away from the most relevant spots but right next to Efi Studios there's a supermarket, great coffee (right

next to the supermarket) and one of the best restaurants we went to: Anna that is also from Efi.

On this day we went Lefkes to see the famous Bougainvillea house, we went to Marpissa and at the end of the day to Logaras beach that was not the best honestly ahah.


7th Day:

We drove the car to Naoussa, the most famous villa from Paros, looks like Mykonos but with half the people ahah.

A lot of instagrammable spots, cute cafes, little stors, a port with beautiful restaurantes.

Naoussa Port

We had lunch at Souvlakia Kargas which has Gyros,

the typical food from Greece, 2.80€ each gyros!

After lunch we went to Monastiry, a beautiful blue dome at the beach, and then we stayed right at the beach behind the church that no one knows of and was completely empty! Transparent water and amazing temperature.

On the way to Monastiry there's Kolympethres beach, a very well-known one but very crowded so we decided not to go there.

After the beach we went to Paroikia, the port area of Paros, beautiful villa similar to Naoussa.

We had a snack break at Distrato, huge pancakes and a great carrot cake!

We had dinner at Anna and the desserts are on them!

8th Day:

We went to Pounta where we caught the 11am Ferry to Antiparos, the ferry takes 10min and costs 11€ for 4 people and a car.

We took a stroll at the port where we had lunch and then


went to Sostis beach, it was super windy this day so it wasn't great and we didn't visit anymore beaches, but if you have the opportunity to do it don't miss out on that!


At 5pm we decided to get back to Paros, had dinner at Naoussa port and watched the sunset!

9th Day:

12pm ferry from Paros to Santorini which takes approximately 2h.

Transfer (50€ 4people) from the port to Oia that was booked by the house we stayed at: Cave Agapi. It's not the best but, if you're on a budget it's great even though is still a little expensive due to the location which is amazing.

For those who want to save an extra € in Santorini, one of the best options for you is