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Visiting the Amalfi coast was a dream come true. The colourful streets, the small towns along the cliffside. Seeing all the pictures from Instagram become a reality is mind blowing. The best way to get to Amalfi is flying to Naples Airport, but the flights are a little overpriced, so we flew to Rome and started our trip from there!

Also, we decided to make Positano our home base during our Amalfi trip so here’s how our trip went:

1st Day: Rome

2nd Day: Rome to Sorrento

3rd Day: Sorrento to Capri

4th Day: Sorrento to Positano

5th Day: Positano

6th Day: Positano

7th Day: Positano to Amalfi and Atrani

8th Day: Positano to Naples to Rome

9th Day: Rome

If you don’t think the Amalfi Coast is worth the hype, think again! It is even more beautiful in person! It is completely breathtaking, all the views, the mountains, everything is so magical.

I had to pinch myself to make sure everything was real!

1st DAY // ROME:

We spent the first day exploring Rome, if you have more time make sure you enjoy Rome for at least 4 days. But since the purpose of our trip was the Amalfi Coast we didn’t have much time to explore Rome.

So we went to Vatican City, Spanish Steps and Fontana di Trevi.

We had an amazing Pizza Dinner at Piccolo Buco (right next to Fontana di Trevi) had a Tiramisu from Pompi as a Desert and then we caught some Limes and went to see the Coloseo at night! It was amazing!


We bought bus tickets from (a platform that compares and sells bus, train and plane tickets) from Rome to Sorrento, the trip takes 3h and it costed 25€ each.

The views from Rome to Sorrento are amazing! We saw the incredible mount Vesuvius and some awesome views of the cliffside!

In Sorrento we stayed at La Terraza 38, a cute little house with several rooms that has an amazing jacuzzi. It is very central and the price is great! We stayed there for 2 nights.

On this 1st day we enjoyed the little streets of Sorrento, went to I Giardini Di Cataldo, a cute little lemon grove with a Limoncello factory! They let you try limoncello for free and it is absolutely delicious!

In the afternoon we decided to go to enjoy the beach, each sunbed is 15€ per person plus 5€ for the umbrella, EXPENSIVE!

Later at night we had an amazing dinner at the most incredible restaurant: Ristorante O Parruchiano La Favorita! MAKE A RESERVATION! It’s located on the main road of Sorrento, it is also a Lemon Grove and it is absolutely delicious and you’ll feel like a princess!

We had starters, two pastas, wine and dessert and it costed 50€.


On the 3rd day of our trip we went to the Port of Sorrento (super close to our hotel) and got ferry tickets to Capri.

Don’t buy ferry tickets online, buy them at the port and on the day of the trip.

We bought the 9:20am Ferry to Capri and the 6:30pm ferry Back to Sorrento. The round trip is 30€ per person and the trip takes 25min.

We booked a 2h boat trip with @caprislandtour , we saw the Faraglioni, the white, the green and the love cave and swam in the green one! Totally worth it!

After that we went to Mount Solaro, we took the bus from Capri to Anacapri (2€ pp) and then took the Chair lift for 12€ round trip per person.

After that we took the bus back to Capri, had an amazing ice cream at Gelateria Buonocore and then took the Funicolare di Capri back to the Port (2€ pp)!

Back to Sorrento we had dinner at the most delicious place: cantinaccia del popolo! A very typical restaurant with a very long waiting line but totally worth it! 2 pastas, wine and dessert: 29€ ! They offer Limoncello at the end!


To get to Positano we caught the Ferry at Sorrento, we bought the one way tickets for 15€ each at 9:30am and the trip takes around 40min.

We stayed in Positano for 4 nights at Hotel Savoia Positano. One of the best hotels, very well located, the breakfast is great and you don’t have to climb that many stairs from the beach to the hotel.

On this day we decided to enjoy the beach, get to know a little of Positano and realized the food here is too expensive, so we had lunch at Capricci (the cheapest place).

If you want to stay on the beach without paying you can stay on the right side for free, just don’t forget to take your towel!

If you’d rather stay at the sunbeds all day the price is 25€ per person.

From 6:30pm there’s no one controlling the famous blue sunbeds so you can go there, enjoy and take some pictures for free!

Every night we had a pizza from Collina Bakery to take away, they were the best and super cheap! If you’re on a budget I would advise you to do the same! Plus, you can have them wherever you want: we had picnics at the beach every night and it was magical.


On this day we took the free boat shuttle to Arienzo Beach club! The most instagrammable beach.

The sunbeds here are 22,5€ per person and you can also make a reservation for lunch and enjoy the amazing pasta and view of the beach!

We had a pasta, a caprese salad and water, the price was 27,5€.

Of course we had to stop at the famous fruit stand of Positano, but we thought we couldn’t do it because we weren’t able to rent a scooter because the road to Praiano was closed, so it would’ve been useless.

Luckily the fruit stand was 10min away from Arienzo, you just have to climb some really steep and tiring stairs ahah but we made it! And it’s totally worth it, you can see some amazing views and also have a glimpse of Il San Pietro di Positano (the best and most expensive hotel of the Amalfi Coast).

If you go here for the pictures, don’t forget to buy some fruit juices, they’re amazing, they’re made in front of view and the owner of the stand will be super nice!

Exact location of the fruit stand here

After this we went back to Positano by foot, it’s a 25min walk but it’s super easy cause you’re going down 

When we got there we stopped at Collina Bakery (our usual) to have the best Lemon Ice Cream that you must try! (5€)

Also, don’t forget to take a night swim in the ocean! The view of Positano is so much better from there!


We decided to go to Il Fornillo Beach, right next to Positano beach, it is a 10min walk from the Port.

We had lunch at La Marinella, the cheapest there and it was amazing, we had a caprese salad with mozzarella di Buffala and some calamari for 33,50€.

We also enjoyed the beach for some time, you can stay there for free or pay for some sunbeds.

After that we walked back to Positano and had the best ice cream ever at Covo dei Saraceni, right next to the Port. The small one with 2 flovours is 3€ and the medium with 3 flavours is 4€.

After that we had a Boat Trip with BlueStar Positano. We took the 2h Sunset trip and it was unbelievable, we went to see Fiordo di Furore, had some Prosecco, Grapes, French Fries and enjoyed an amazing sunset!

The perfect date to end the day.


This was our last full day in Positano and since we didn’t have a scooter we had to find another way to see some other cities.

We took the 10am ferry to Amalfi (9€ pp), visited the Duomo di Amalfi which is amazing.