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My outfits for #PFW

Heyyyy cuties!

After 2 weeks I finally have the time to write about all my outfits for Paris Fashion week!

It was my first time there and it was so so so much fun! We got to see so many celebrities like Zendaya and Maluma, but I'll tell you more about it on another post!

Let's talk about outfits now!

I started out with a pretty colorful and fun outfit! I'm so so glad neon is back because I absolutely love it!

The puffer and jeans are Zara, the boots are ALDO and the bag is Prada!

The green and pink combo is one of my favs and I believe this outfit is life proof of that!

Let me know what you think!

These boots were a last minute order from Public Desire to save this outfit! I had no shoes to match this amazing set but these statement boots were the cherry on top!

They are very very extra but they can make any outfit stand out!

The set is from an amazing portuguese designer called Pé de Chumbo and she makes the coolest pieces with the craziest fabrics!

This is the craziest outfit I've ever worn!

This would just be a basic black dress and cropped blazer look without the sunnies, but the sunglasses literally make it work!

They're from Karl Lagerfeld and sometimes a statement piece saves everything!

The dress is Leger at About you, the blazer is old and the boots are Zara.

This one is a special one ahah

It was a special creation made with the pieces I took on my luggage!

I matched a shiny Tezenis bra with a black turtleneck, a shiny skirt from Edited, stole my boyfriend's leather jacket, matched it with some blacked sandals and a Chanel bag!


What do you think? It turned out to be one of my favs!

Hope you liked it!

Let me know your fav!


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