Nights in Paris - 2 date night outfits

There were 2 nights in Paris where I decided to wear something a bit more extra for date night!

This was one of them! The combo of the dress, the Eiffel Tower and the sunset were out of a romantic movie!

This dress is from MoiMiMi and it's literally a dream come true, the color is a dream and the fitting looks absolutely amazing! I matched it with the Pinko bag and some basic stiletto shoes!

My boyfriend kept saying I look like his present lol

2nd date night outfit!

This dress is an absolute stunner! You've probably seen it all over instagram, at the most famous bloggers and influencers, and let me tell you, it shines as much on real life as it looks on instagram! It's from Santa Brands.

I matched it with my Prada crystal bag and this is definitely the most EXTRA look I've ever worn ahah!

Underneath the dress I wore a beige bodysuit so i could be comfy and not worried about something popping out1!

Let me know which one is your favorite!

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