Paris Must Go- Restaurants

I LOVE to eat and so I decided to share with you my fav restaurants in PARIS!

Here I'll not show you all the basic and known places like Loulou or Hotel Costes, I'll show you the ones that are not that famous and that I absolutely love and always come back to!


This is my absolute fav for a special date! It's called Bambini and it's an Italian Restaurant (most restaurants in Paris serve italian food)!

It's a bit expensive, located at Palais de Tokyo, if you get the best table you'll the Eiffel Tower as I show you on the first picture of this post!

My boyfriend always orders the Lasagna which is amazing, I love the Burrata Pizza and the Tiramisu is HUGE!

Make sure you book a table, you can do it online and close to date!

Bambini is this famous instagram spot view, and during summer you can even have lunch or dinner outside! Which makes it so so much more special!

This one is called Restaurant Les Marches and the pepper steak IS AMAZING!

It's a very typical french restaurant, most people eating there are french, so you already know it's going to be great!

You need to try the huge profiteroles for dessert!

Make sure to make your reservation by phone call!

I promise you will love it!

Maria By César

If you're a Truffle lover this is your spot! Once you enter the restaurant you can immediately smell the truffles!

And look at this pasta- OMG right?!

We always order the truffle pasta and the Diavola pizza which is a bit spicy and if you dip the pizza in the truffle sauce of the pasta, you'll try the best combo of your life!

They also have truffle pizza and if you're a fan of white wine try the L'or De L'ange! It's AMAZING!

Neko Ramen

If you're an Asian food lover you need to visit Neko Ramen!

Simão always has the Ramen and I always love the vegan curry! They have these delicious Sake Cocktails that you must try!

The Gyosas are huge and so yummy, you also need to end it with Mochis!

It's a very very busy place specially at dinner time on the weekends, they don't make reservations so go super late at lunch or super early at dinner time!

Hope you liked this post, let me know if you try any of these restaurants!

Bon Apetit!

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