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TULUM is the definitely the place to go if you're looking for some good party, beach and relax!

Enjoy the beach life, bike everywhere, go to beach clubs and meet new people.

The best time to go is all year round except from May until August as there's risk of hurricanes and also there has been a lot of Sea Weed in the Ocean that makes it impossible to go to the water but you can always enjoy the beautiful cenotes :)

There's 3 areas of Tulum.


Zona Hotelera, the most famous and most expensive area of Tulum. Close to

all the parties, beach clubs and instagram spots. Every hotel here is more expensive than the ones you can get in town so if you're not on a budget this is the place for you. Rent a bike and enjoy!

We stayed here for 3 nights at Hip Hotel Tulum. USE CODE MARIANA FOR 20% off !!

A beachfront hotel with beach cabanas at the end of zona hotelera.

The perfect spot to be, only a few minutes from all the great spots, 5min walk from Lolita Lolita and from Matcha Mama.

Super close to everywhere but at the same time a little away from all the noise so it's the perfect place to relax!

It also has included breakfast, a restaurant on the beach and bike rental service!

They have free parking for guests, fresh water in the room everyday and also fruit water at the reception for free!


My fav restaurant in Tulum was Tora, part of the Rosa Negra Group, located in the best

spot possible, always super loud music, everybody dances on top of the chairs, the food is amazing, the environment is the best and the people are super nice!

Quite expensive, you need to book in advance but totally worth it if you want to have fun!

iScream Bar is the place where we rented our bikes from. 10US$ per day, they also have vegan ice cream and the best frozen mango margaritas we had! We actually came here before Tora to have some drinks and enjoy some music on our first day in Tulum! Very nice people and super loaded drinks. Cheaper than the usual in zona hotelera.

El clandestino is a restaurant from the same owner as iScream Bar,

it's a very small and hidden gem in Tulum! In this night picture you can't really see it but it's located on a cenote, you can take amazing pictures. The food is not amazing, it's fast food but it's great to save some money and enjoy some drinks at happy hour and enjoy the cenote view! Just search El Clandestino cenote on instagram and you'll see how beautiful it is. Taboo Tulum it's from the same group of Tora: Rosa Negra Group. It has an entry fee and it's quite expensive, around 100€ consumable per person, you can spend the day here, enjoy the music and the price varies from party to party. The best parties are obviously more expensive. We had a very good time here, some sushi and drinks!

Vagalume Tulum, one of the most famous beach clubs there.

Honestly it wasn't one of my favorites, i didn't go on a party day but it's way more expensive than the others. I payed for a Hummus to get this picture, which costed me 15€, for a Hummus!

They have bike classes in the morning, that i've heard are really nice and everyone says the parties are great too, so i believe i just got unlucky!

Try it and let me know what you thought of it!

Matcha Mama- the most instagrammabble cafe in Tulum.

The matcha is amazing, the fruit bowls as well, not as expensive as others but definitely not cheap!

If you like matcha, squizzed juices and açai you should come here!

Ahau Tulum- The most famous hotel in Zona Hotelera that has the Vien La Luz statue at the entrance. We had to wait 45min in line at 8:30am to get this pic so make sure you come early! The statue is so beautiful and you can go in and check the hotel to eat at Raw Love Cafe, another super famous restaurant. They have a lot of fruit and salad bowls but honestly they weren't the best, my favs were Guadalupe Bowls that are located a little after Hip Hotel Tulum!

ZONA ARQUELOGICA: After 3 days in Zona Hotelera we moved to a more raw, lowkey area: Zona Arqueologica. This area is way more calm, less restaurants, endless beaches and few restaurants. Everything in this are closes around 7pm so if you can bike or drive to tulum town or zona hotelera it gives you more options and also cheaper than the ones at zona arqueologica. Here you can see Tulum ruins, book some snorkeling and enjoy some fresh coconuts! We stayed here for 2 nights at Playa Esperanza Hotel. The cutest beach cabanas we've ever seen, we watched sunrise from our bedroom, fell asleep listening to the waves and the first thing we did when waking up was taking a dive in the ocean. This hotel is located at Playa Paraiso, a beach with more people than Tulum beach, the hotel has it's own beach chairs but does not include breakfast.

The entire hotel runs on Solar Power energy and at night time they light up a million candles on the sand making the most beautiful path! It was one of the most beautiful and more environment friendly hotels i've ever been to. There's also free parking for guests. SOME OF MY FAV RESTAURANTS IN ZONA ARQUEOLOGICA: Let's start with the most famous spot from Tulum: Kin Toh by Azulik It is actually located in Zona Hotelera but it's so much closer to Zona arqueologica! We came here for breakfast and payed 35€ each, minimum consuption, it's actually just perfect, we ordered waffles, avocado toast, 2 coffees, 2 juices and granola! There's no need to book, breakfast is from 7:30-11am and you can just come by and ask for a table! We came at 7:30 to get the best spot and actually got an amazing table and got to visit the nests!

Gitano Beach is super famous in Tulum, there's the restaurant Gitano jungle in zona hotelera and Gitano Beach it's on zona arqueologica! We went to the beach, stayed there for the day, had amazing food, great cocktails and listened to good music! Has an amazing environment and the people are super nice!

Cinco Beach Club was found by accident! It's located next to Playa Esperanza facing the ocean on the right hand side. We had the best time, went for happy hour and had 4 piñas coladas for the price of 2, had the best nachos, an amazing watermelon salad and vegan tacos! Stayed there for the day and it was great! It's not famous so it's very empty and chill but the food is to die for!

TULUM TOWN: We stayed in Tulum Town for 3 nights, here you can find much cheaper options, both for food and for sleep. We had meals for less than 15€ for the both of us which is not very usual in Tulum! We biked everywhere, from the hotel to the restaurants, to zona hotelera, to the cute coffee shop called Chan Káapeh every morning. While here we stayed at Mayan Monkey Hostels, a cute hostel right in the entrance of Tulum Town when you come from the ocean area. We stayed in a private room with private bathroom, you have also the option to stay in a private room with shared bathroom and also dormitory option!

At Mayan Monkey they have bike rental so we rented one for the 3 nights we stayed there! They have a pool at the Hostel, happy hour from 7-8pm, great music and the nicest people and a great pool! They also have yoga everyday from 8-9am and it was the best! I absolutely loved it! SOME OF MY FAV RESTAURANTS IN ZONA ARQUEOLOGICA: El Camello Jr. was definitely my fav restaurant in Tulum Town, we went here twice, the ceviche is amazing, we tried the shrimp one and the mix of sea food, everything was so so good and so cheap, for the medium ceviche, calamari, 2 piña coladas and a lot of nachos we payed 20€! If you love sea food this is definitely the place for you!

Burrito Amor is a very instagram famous spot. As the name says, it's all about burritos! And they're absolutely amazing!! You can ask the gluten free tortilla, it comes with a banana leaf instead of aluminum and it was the best burrito I ever had in my life! You have the normal size and the XL one!

This is also a very famous and great typical, cheap restaurant! It's called El Mariachi Loco and here you can have super cheap Tacos, great drinks and they have live music shows! It's great!!

For our last day we discovered the best Vegan Tacos- EL BAJÓN! We had 8 tacos, and they tasted exactly like meat! they had carnitas tacos with mushrooms instead of meat, soy tacos, beans, tofu and a lot of variations that make the tacos amazing! Each taco was around 1€ which is awesome!

Hope you enjoyed this guide! Hope it is helpful and I wish you the best time in Tulum!! Don't forget to check my Mexico itinerary guide for more info on Tulum as well!

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